Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Jonathan turned 9 years old today - the last of the single digits! He is growing and maturing so fast. Where hast the time gone? Yesterday we celebrated with our friends Royce and Brandon at Red Robin. Today we celebrated with just our family at home. I made his favorite meal ever - porcupine meatballs. Jonathan also received some very exciting gifts including two new Wii games, a Nintendo DS, some new school clothes, and a new bicycle. Of course we finished off the night with some yummy cake. Happy Birthday Jonathan! We love you so much!


Cefalo Family said...

Happy Birthday to you Tree! Hope you were able to have some time to yourself.


Kristen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Hope it was just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Sorry to call so late but we hope you got our message (Go,go,go....we gonna party like it's yo Birthday") We love you and had so much fun with you.

The McGees

Valerie said...

Can't believe Jonathan is 9. I still remember crying about moving to Phoenix because I was going to miss Jonathan and Emily too much. Boy how things have changed in our lives and locations!! Your kids mean the world to me and WE LOVE YOU ESPECIALLY TODAY JONATHAN!!!
Happy Birthday Buddy.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan. Teresa, you are looking great girl! Did I mention I need to kick you-- HA HA HA! We still need to get together. Maybe we can meet for lunch somewhere in Frank. or something.
Sure do miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Peters Family said...

He's 9?!?!?! He made out great with all those gifts! I need to have my birthday at your house.