Friday, August 1, 2008


We had the privilege of having my two sisters, Allison and Valerie, and their children visit us a few weeks ago. I must say, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. There is something only my sisters possess that causes me to laugh in hysterics. We spent a lot of time at our neighborhood pool, going to and watching movies, celebrating birthdays, lots of talking, and just hanging out. Oh, and all those "essential" diet coke runs. Thanks again, gals, for all the fun and laughs. Sisters are the best. COME BACK SOON!!!! I miss you like no other!

Me, Valerie, and Allison

All the cousins minus Drew and Seth
Carter and Dylan

Carter, Jonathan, and Emily blowing out their birthay candles


Celebration for July birthdays


Timothy and Nikki


The Dorsey's said...

Oh WOW! That looked like so much fun. You guys are and always will be the cutest.
<3 Janet

Jeni Simmons said...

How fun! You are blessed to have sisters. I am thankful my girls will always have each other.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Sisiter Sledge! Thanks for the good time. We miss you already!

Cefalo Family said...

I just love you guys! Whenever I see pictures of you guys it brings back so many fun memories. Glad you were able to all get together.

Mia said...

I am glad that you had a fantastic time with your sisters in town. I hope you got to have a big celebration for your birthday too!

KC said...

I agree. Sisters have a bond like no other. AND I think cousins have a pretty special one too. You girls crack me up every time I see you. I think we grew up with similar humor (must be our dads!).

I still laugh when I think about some of the stuff we did as kids. I love you girls!